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MUN Society



Marmara Model United Nations Society was established in 2015 by Marmara University Faculty of Law students. Marmara Mun, which aims to carry and develop its national brand value to the international arena, has been active in the national and international field by taking the Marmara University Haydarpaşa Campus as the centre. After its establishment, MarmaraMUN Society first included other faculties and departments of Marmara University and established its own supervision and partnership agreements with other universities and high schools in Turkey. For now, MarmaraMun Society, which has 6 departments and 7 faculties within it, is among Marmara University's best-known society. Both with the international conferences we participated in and the awards we got is a gateway for abroad for Marmara University students also, this makes MarmaraMUN known internationally.



To raise the brand value of MarmaraMUN Society in national and international arenas.

To increase the international reputation of Marmara University

To increase the international validity of the diploma of Marmara University members,

To improve the personal development of MarmaraMUN members.



Participating in national and international MUN conferences held in English, French and German,

Organizing an International MUN conference in Istanbul ,

Having partnerships with other MUN Clubs in national and international context.

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