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Shuttle Service 



Every day, we will have a shuttle service- in the morning- from the hotel and Kadıköy to the University and- in the afternoon- from the University back to the hotel and Kadıköy. 


For the socials, we will also have a shuttle service from the hotel to the socials and from the socials back to the hotel.


The fees of the shuttle services are included in the conference fee.




VIP Airport Shuttle 



We will provide you with VIP Pick-up on 15th and 16th of April. 


The delegates who wish to be picked up from the airport with a VIP shuttle, please fill the Google Form given below in order to arrange your pick-up time.


You will be picked up with a VIP shuttle and taken to the hotel. We will provide you with snacks, soft drinks, and free wifi during your travel. 


In order to ensure your reservation, you need to make the full payment. 


Fee for a single person: ₺100 / €20 



(It is not certain yet that if we will be able to arrange a VIP shuttle back to the airport after the conference, please ask) 

Google Form

for VIP Airpot Shuttle

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